What can be said about the interreligious dialogue activities of today?

Until recently, people talked about interreligious conflicts because the differences between the beliefs and applications of the religions were put forward. Today, interreligious dialogues are in question and a lot of progress has been made in a short time regarding the issue because common points and common grounds are taken as a starting point. The religious clashes that took place in the past and the hostile feelings originating from beliefs were greatly eliminated; the process of clashing was replaced by the consciousness of understanding and knowing each other and communicating through common points.

The globalizing world cannot put up with religious clashes and belief conflicts as they took place in the Middle Age. In this regard, interreligious peace, tolerance and dialogue grounds are really very important.

Everybody should practice his belief freely, express it freely and choose the belief he wishes with his free will.


Prophets are brothers. They are like brothers born of the same mothers but having different fathers. Their religion is the same.  .” (Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawud)


Do not prefer some prophets over others (in terms of virtue and merit).” (Abu Dawud)

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