If Prophet Mohammad had been alive today, what kind of a vehicle would he have used and what kind of clothes would he have worn?

If one put himself in Prophet Mohammad’s shoes and came to a conclusion, he would, of course, have overstepped his limits and no one has the right to do it. Since the Prophet Muhammad is the living Quran and sunnah, we can only find an answer to the question “If he had been alive today, what kind of a vehicle would he have used and what kind of clothes would he have worn?” from those two sources.

It will be more sagacious and appropriate to evaluate the issue in general rather than determining its details. We will to try to summarize the answer to that question with a few points within that framework:

If Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had been alive today;

a.He would definitely have avoided extravagance and stinginess today as he did in the past.

b.He would have preferred the life style of moderate people, not the one of the extravagant rich.

c.He would definitely have not adopted the pompous, highfaluting and grandiose philosophy of life.

d.In this sense, he would never have preferred the rich people’s luxurious and pompous vehicles. He would have preferred a moderate vehicle that simple people, the general of the middle-class can have.

e.He would not have worn any clothes which cost too much. He would have preferred the clothes of middle-class people in general to the luxurious clothes of the rich.

f.We cannot portray anything as his clothing style. However, we can say within the framework of general Islamic principles that if our Prophet (pbuh) had been alive today, he would have preferred the traditional clothes of the society he lived in – which covered the whole body and did not show the body structure, as determined by Islam.


O Allah! Send salutations and blessing to Mohammad as many times as the number of the cells in the universe! If we wronged, forgive us; forgive our sins because of our ignorance!


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