Second Warning by Badiuzzaman Said Nursi Regarding Prayers


O my stomach-worshipping soul! Every day you eat bread, drink water, and breathe air; do they cause you boredom?

They definitely do not cause you boredom because you need them; let alone boredom, you probably take pleasure from them. Yes, man eats every day but he does not get tired of it; he drinks water every day but he does not get tired of it; he breathes every second but he does not get tired of it. You probably have never seen anyone who gets tired of eating, drinking and breathing. It is because the human body needs them. Since the need is repeated, it is not boredom that they cause, but pleasure.

Does only the material body have needs? Do the human heart, spirit, mind and feelings not have any needs? They definitely do; their primary needs are worship, prayers and supplication.

O my soul! Then, the prayer, which is the food of my heart, which is your friend, the elixir for spirit, which is also your friend, and the nice and fresh air of my divine feeling should not cause you boredom. 

The human heart, which is exposed toinfinite grief and sorrows and which iscaptivated by infinite pleasures and hopes, is full of love that can embrace this realm. The food and strength of such a heart can be obtained by applying to Allah, who is merciful and generous, through prayers and supplication.   

O my soul! Who but Allah can satisfy such a heart and soothe it? To whom but Allah can the heart adhere in order to get rid of its sorrows and attain its desires?

The spirit of man leaves this ephemeral world very fast by screaming farewell. Besides, man is related to all beings. The elixir for such a spirit can only be drunk by turning toward the mercy of fountain of the beloved Lord, who is the Everlasting One, through performing prayers.

O my soul!  Who but Allah can soothe the scream of the spirit caused by separation? Who can be a shelter for it? Who but Allah can console and soothe it?..

It is such a divine feeling that it desires eternal life by its nature and was created for eternity; it is a mirror of the Pre-Eternal and Post-Eternal One. Such a divine feeling desperately needs breathing in the sorrowful, crushing, distressing, transient, and suffocating conditions of this world; it can breathe only through the window of the prayer.

O he who does not perform prayers! Tell me: How will you satisfy your divine feeling that can be satisfied only by Allah? How will you soothe it and how will you make it breathe?

What can satisfy the human heart, spirit and his divine feeling and can make them feel contented? Nothing but Allah and mentioning His name!..

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