How many prophets came to the world?

The total number of prophets is not 25, whose names are mentioned in the Holy Quran. As a hadith indicates, there came 124 thousand prophets to the world. Just as some of them were given separate Scriptures, there are also some others who followed the principles of a preceding one. For Aaron (PBUH) followed the principles of the Book of Moses (PBUH). John the Baptist (PBUH) and Zachariah (PBUH) observed the rules of the Book of Jesus (PBUH).

What we need to know and believe is that the first prophet is Adam (PBUH) and the last one is Muhammad (PBUH). Between these two, there are as many prophets as we cannot know the total number. We believe and have faith in all prophets who were sent. Although we do not know their names and places, they are the prophets that Allah Almighty charged.

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