Definition of Revelation

Revelation (wahy) lexically has the following meanings:

a) To indicate75.

b) To write.

c) To send messengers.76

d) To inspire.77

e) To say something secretly, whisper.

f) Words, sounds, implications, delusions suggested to others.78

g) To do something very quickly.

The religious definition of revelation: the knowledge that a person finds in his spirit (heart) that is definite to have been sent by Allah directly or indirectly.79

The word wahy (revelation) is used 77 times in the Quran in different expressions. Some of them were used in the lexical meaning and most of them in the religious meaning.

75  The word wahy in the chapter Maryam has this meaning.

76  ash-Shura, 52.

77  al-Qasas, 7; an-Nahl, 68;  al-Maida, 111.

78  al-An’am, 121; al-Anfal 12

79  Ali Özek, Diyanet Dergisi (Özel Sayı), p. 81, 1970,

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